Scaling Innovative
Ecommerce Brands to 7+ Figures in Revenue

Achieved by using Online Advertising, In conjunction with our bullet-proof marketing strategies, and CRO tactics.

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Taking Innovative brands to 7 & 8 figures of revenue through our bulletproof online advertising strategies

The New Age Adventure

The First Expedition

Setting off on the first 7 days of the climb, and setting up your processes, your techniques, for the rest of the journey. Designing your strategy, understanding it top to bottom, through and through. Your marketing, handled. Your mind, at ease.

The Ascent.

The first 30 days of our quest. Constantly on hand, we'll be iterating, optimising and perfecting your marketing strategy. Watch your profits grow, and watch the summits grow nearer.

Conquering the Summits.

Revel in your business growth, hitting milestone after milestone, until another founder's landmarks are little more than road signs to you. Reach one peak to look to the next. Reach so many goals, you start aiming higher.

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About the founder

Lucas Keir is a DTC eCommerce brand builder, digital marketing expert, and successful serial entrepreneur. As the founder of DigiFluxx, he bootstrapped multiple brands past 6 & 7 figures in the span of 4 years and has generated over $7M+ in revenue in the last 24 months.

Alongside that, Lucas has worked beside some of the best industry leading digital marketers such as Tal Swicegood, from his great work ethic, and his personal way of communication. From Jamie Higuera, his incredible style and process to results, after taking in all the knowledge and skills he could Lucas formed DigiFluxx, and hasn't had any regrets, seeing brands rise from 10k in revenue to over 50k within the span of only 90 days always leaves an amazing feeling to behold.

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Our Process

Starting Simple

Facebook, Instagram and Google. There are thousands of customers spending half of their time on a screen, waiting to be showed your product. First we create, we're testing and seeing exactly what YOUR audience reacts too and who resonances with your product/brand.


Mastering your brand

Advertisements that resonate with your audience are crucial to the scaling of any brand. Now we've found what works, we create content based around your message and create the ad sets that start to generate that high ROAS. Here is where we start to work on your product page and allow for you to see a higher conversion rate.

Scaling & Optimizing

Now we've everything we need to start scaling, the message is there, the ad sets are producing a killer ROAS, now we start to branch onto other platforms such as TikTok & Snapchat, we also add those amazing apps such as cross sell, upsell and even a down sell that will only increase your revenue that much more.

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Our Work Philosophy

Data Driven

Our decisions, our communication, and our work, all done on the basis of data analysis. Return on Investment for your ad-spend is our most valued KPI; the data is our gospel and our validation, maximizing profits our ultimate end. To this end, we'll constantly be split testing creatives and optimizing the highest converting ads, driving high quality, highly qualified leads to your business.

The numbers dont lie. With Digifluxx, its a sure thing.

Communication is Key

We bring you along your brand's journey to 7 and 8-figures. We keep you in the loop every step of the way through;

- Your assigned Ad-Account Expert, available daily.
- Our weekly metric breakdowns.
- Our monthly Performance reporting with our CEO.

As soon as we on-board you, you'll quickly understand why we highly value our reporting and communication ecosystem. This is your brand - so we make sure to consistently check-in with you; so you know how it’s going and what we’ll be doing next.

Your brand first, always

With DigiFluxx, you know you’ll always come first. Every step of the way, you can rest easy knowing someone else is taking care of you; with almost no time or effort spent by you. Customer satisfaction is the single most important thing to running any business, and we’re no different. Most agencies will charge a fixed fee and give you no explanation as to where the number came from. We work off of value, setting our price according to the numbers; Clients, unsurprisingly, love it.

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A $1,200 Marketing Consultation for your Innovative brand, for free!

The start of your adventure to greatness.

This is how your journey begins

We understand your hesitancy, you're a busy CEO, you haven't got time to waste; so let us make this easy for you.

It's a 20 minute call, no strings attached, no obligation, just pure value. You'll walk away with strategies to implement immediately.

The reason we do these? Because we're in love with seeing businesses grow (and also because clients appreciate the experience so much they often stay in touch. See for yourself)!

To get the premium, customized DigiFluxx experience, we have to keep our numbers low; no more than 4 clients at a time. Book now before all our slots are filled!

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You'll receive an analysis and audit of your current marketing.

We'll cover your entire landing page from the header to the footer.

Plus we'll show you a marketing strategy that you can use immediately.

On-top of all of that, we'll also hand over our proven method to how we an extra 15k a month via our simple retargeting strategy.

Also we will give you some resources we use personally to improve your ROAS.

Finally, we'll see to it that you end up being further ahead then the competition.

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