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Complete Analysis & Audit

We'll go through your own funnel (provided you currently have one) and step by step explain where you're loosing your customers. From the Ad, all the way to your checkout page, this includes your landing page checklist (a checklist of all assets you need to make sure you've got a killer conversation rate), and your checkout page as we never want those potential customers to stop their journey at the last step!

Our Proven Strategies

We'll explain and show you how you can implement 1 of 2 strategies that you'll RECEIVE in a PDF so that you can plug up those holes on your landing page and make sure that you've not only got a high CR (Conversion Rate), but also your AOV (Average Order Value) AND PROFIT stay nice and high!


DigiFluxx's Guide to innovative brand growth. You'll get a cheat sheet to take away with you, a comprehensive understanding of the whole e-commerce landscape and the principles of advertising WITH tips and tricks on quick fire ways to improve your conversion rate.

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A $1,200 Marketing Consultation for your innovative brand, for free!